Kindness Books Set (共三冊)


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These 3 sweet books illustrate for kids the many ways they can be good citizens of the world. Kids of all abilities and backgrounds are pictured cooperating with and being thoughtful of classmates, new neighbors, siblings, strangers and earth’s creatures, showing that kindness works, anytime, anywhere.

These books are perfect for reading aloud at home or sharing with friends, to spark conversations about simple acts of kindness and working together. Activities like this help young children learn about the important qualities of empathy, compassion, gratitude and inclusion. The joyful illustrations and simple words encourage children to be their best selves wherever they go.

  • We’re Better Together

  • ABCs of Kindness

  • Kindness Counts 123

  • ISBN 9781644727140

  • 出版社 Highlights

  • 適合年齡 2-5 歲


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