Escalate English

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Designed for students who have reached an intermediate level of language, but need accelerated support for attaining academic English, the Escalate English © 2017 Student Edition is available in print, as an eBook, and via the HMH Player™ for both on and offline access. Six units organized by a compelling topic, deliver a balance of literary and informational texts, multi-media, and highly supportive graphics. Built-in learning features guide students in accessing and responding to the text at the high depth of knowledge and language usage levels needed for meeting today’s rigorous standards.

  • Grade: 4-8

  • Grade 4 9780544578807

    Grade 5 9780544578814

    Grade 6 9780544578821

    Grade 7 9780544578838

    Grade 8 9780544578845

  • 出版社 HMH

  • 出版年份 2017


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